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Examples of verb tense

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The Simple Present Tense

1. He walks to school every day
2. Water freezes at zero degrees Celsius.
3. Mexicans take a “siesta” after their midday meal.
4. I see a large house on the corner.
5. I know Mr. Jackson is a teacher.
6. Sally loves flowers.
7. I have a meeting next Wednesday.
8. “Here comes the Pitch; Jackson swings and misses”
9. “So he stands up in the boat and waves his arms to catch our attention, causing himself and everyone else in the boat to fall into the water.”  He’s so crazy.

The Present Perfect Tense

1. I have been a teacher since 1972.
2. I have already seen that movie.
3. Pete has just finished his homework.
4. She won’t be satisfied until she has finished another chapter.
5. If you have done your homework, you can watch TV.

The Present Progressive Tense

1. He is attending a meeting right now.
2. I’m studying English at the IELI.
3. She’s coming tomorrow.
4. He’s always complaining about that.

The Present Perfect Progressive Tense

1. I have been living in Dallas for 7 years now.
2. He has been walking to school for several years now.
3. I have been reading a book.

The Simple Past Tense

1. He walked to school yesterday.
2. Sam walked his dog everyday last year.
3. If he took better care of himself, he wouldn’t be absent so often.

The Past Perfect Tense

1. He had already walked to school before I could offer him a ride.
2. If Sally had studied harder, she would have passed the exam.

The Past Progressive Tense

1. He was walking to school at 8:30 this morning.
2. Karen was washing her hair when the phone rang.

The Past Perfect Progressive Tense

1. He had been walking to school before his father bought him a bicycle.
2. Carol had been working very hard, so her doctor told her to take a vacation.
3. We had been planning to vacation in Mexico but changed our minds when so much of it got badly flooded.




The Simple Future Tense

1. He will walk to school tomorrow.
2. Pete will take the bus to work next year.
3. If you go, you will be sorry.

The Future Perfect Tense

1. I will have finished all of this typing by tomorrow.
2. He will have walked to school before you finish your breakfast.

The Future Progressive Tense

1. He will be walking to school tomorrow at 8:00 p.m.

The Future Perfect Progressive Tense

1. He will have been riding his bike to school for two years by the time he graduates in June.
2. On Christmas Eve our family will have been living in Dallas for 20 years